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why videochatbff?

App features:

  • Fun, safe, and private - No random video calls!
  • Push notifications for all alerts - Get messages and friend requests when you're offline! (BFF Plus! only)
  • Nearby searching via GPS location - Search for new friends in your local area! Make sure you allow the App access to your location! (NOTE: Your exact location is never visible) (BFF Plus! only)
  • No LARGE advertising (BFF Plus! only)
  • Saved search preferences (BFF Plus! only)
  • Search by sexuality: Straight, Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual
  • Kik, Snapchat, Facebook & Twitter integration
  • Upload/edit your photo and profile directly from the app
  • See when your friends are online
  • Full Inbox/Outbox messaging
  • All your contact details are private until you give users access via friend request
  • Make new friends and block users from contacting you
  • Invite your personal friends to join directly via Facebook or email from the app
  • Report problem users to website moderators
  • Strict community monitoring for your safety
  • Total privacy

What is VideoChatBFF?

FaceTime & Skype Best Friend Finder is a 100% FREE social networking website that helps Apple FaceTime & Skype users worldwide find friends in a fun, safe and private community.

Do you love meeting people from other cultures? Do you love travelling? Do you love helping other people? Then VideoChatBFF is the place for you!

What makes us different?

No cost to join, no monthly fees or hidden charges. Apple created FaceTime mobile video chatting free for everyone, so we made FaceTime & Skype Best Friend Finder FREE too!

We DON'T give out your contact details without your permission like other sites. We want you to feel safe and only give your details out WHEN and IF you feel comfortable doing so, you have all the control.

We DON'T randomly connect you with online users like other sites, who you talk to should be in your hands, not ours!

We take user safety and privacy serious at VideoChatBFF, we know you hate giving your phone number or email address out to the world on forums just to try out FaceTime, its just not safe.

We want the user experience to be fun, safe and get you FaceTiming with people fast! We have limited the number of photos and text allowed intentionally to help users find buddies to FaceTime with faster.

Our members say VideoChatBFF is the best FaceTime & Skype user directory online!

You can now talk with FaceTime users from your Mac! Click to learn more...

Promote your business!

Not only do we connect people who want to find FaceTime & Skype friends, but we want to connect people in similar industries, help you expand your cliental like never before! VideoChatBFF helps you promote your business and find clients in a whole new way, you take care of the rest!

Doctors can connect with colleagues for differential diagnosis, check up on patients and diagnose problems from their office.

Are you a personal trainer? Train, teach and motivate your clients remotely from home or the office!

Lawyers can talk with their clients and colleagues face to face.

Math tutors/Music teachers/sign language teachers can all teach their students from their homes and students can be anywhere in the world!

Trades people can give quotes from the office without travelling.

Sell anything!

Selling a car/sofa/tv/lamp/whatever? Forget eBay and Craigslist! VideoChatBFF can help you sell anything! People want to see the product up close and now! Post your product and watch the messages roll in! Find buyers through our website and show them your product straight away!

The possibilities are endless!

Looking for a flatmate? Interview your potential flatmate and show them your place without letting a stranger into your home!

Are you hearing impaired? We want to help people in the deaf society connect with FaceTime users around the world to communicate with sign language face to face.

Looking for more than a FaceTime buddy? If your looking for love than FaceTime dating is perfect for you! Meet singles in your area or from around the world to find your FaceTime soulmate! Have your first date on FaceTime before you meet in person, your safety should always come first when meeting people online.

Love dogs? Find fellow pet lovers and breeders to show off your pets to! Looking to buy or sell a pet? Show customers your pet instantly on FaceTime!

Everyone can market their products and services ... We want to help you expand your business like none has before. You control everything we just connect you to the rest of the FaceTime users in the world! The possibilities are endless.. and the best part is its all 100% FREE!

So what are you waiting for...